A.I. driven trademark protection

ipgraphy is an innovative tech-driven platform designed for trademark protection.

Trademark searches have never been so fast and accurate before. With the use of aritificial intelligence ipgraphy quickly identifies similar word and figurative trademarks. Search similar logos without reviewing hundrets of irrelevant images. Look for trademarks with similar meaning or pronunciation with our unique technology. Rest assured that your trademark is cleared before filing.

Protect your trademarks with ipgraphy watch service. Monitor new applications and prevent dillution and infringement at the most affordable price and with user friendly tools.

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Trademark watch

Once your trademark is successfully registered, you are granted a monopoly to use it in the respective market. This is however just the first step.

Now you need to keep your eyes wide open and monitor potential infringements. Naturally it is easier to prevent than to cure. Blocking conflicting registrations is much more time and cost-effective than seeking redress before courts or getting involved in complex invalidation proceedings.

ipgraphy offers a unique solution for trademark watch. Our system monitors new fillings and informs you about similar trademarks. Get a 1-year trademark watch for 49 €, regardless the number of Nice classess.

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ipgraphy about us

Welcome to ipgraphy – a machine learning tool for trademark similarity search. Our goal is to provide you with a state-of-the-art solution for trademark similarity assessment.

Our unique search engine evaluates millions of trademarks on many levels – including their graphical representation, spelling, meaning and pronunciation. And it does it in seconds – to give you the most relevant and accurate results!

ipgraphy features

  • Save Time

    ipgraphy features
    Use your logo or a phrase for a query.
    Within seconds our algorithms
    will select most similar trademarks.

    No need to use Vienna codes
    or complicated expressions!

  • Save Money

    ipgraphy swinka
    Quickly assess your chances
    for a new trademark registration.
    Avoid timely and costly oppositions and invalidations.

    Be sure that your brand will be free
    to use in the market.

  • Protect your brand

    ipgraphy swinka
    We will help you keep your trademark
    Have an eye on new filings.

    Watch your trademarks and oppose
    in time to similar applications.

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